Turmeric Milk (manjal Panangarkandu Paal) / Haldi Dhoodh ? Indian Winter Recipes

Turmeric Milk (Manjal Panangarkandu Paal) is prepared during winters in most of the Indian families. Turmeric milk is known as Panagarkandu Paal (பணங்கற்கண்டு பால்) or Manjal Milakku Paal (Turmeric Pepper Milk) in Tamil and known as Haldi Dhoodh in Hindi. In Tamil nadu, we use to prepare this milk with fresh turmeric, dates palm jaggery (panangarkandu), black pepper. Turmeric Milk (Manjal Panangarkandu Paal), is good for sore throat and cold. It helps in weight loss and also helps in better sleeping during nights. Refer this link for detailed recipe -  http://madraasi.com/2018/02/03/turmeric-milk-manjal-panangarkandu-paal-haldi/

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