Ripe Mango Mor Kuzhambu / Mango Buttermilk Curry / Mambazha More Kulambu

Mango Mor Kulambu is also known as Mambala pulissery, it’s derived from Kerala Cuisine. Mambala mor kuzhambu (மாம்பழ மோர் குழம்பு) / Mango Mor Kulambu is prepared with ripe mangoes, which has wonderful taste of little sour and sweet. Usually the small size variety of mangoes are used in this curry, we call it as “Sakkarakatti” in tamil. If you don’t have these small mangoes you can use the regular ones, but peel and chop them to big size and use in curry, else the mangoes would be over-cooked and mashed in the curry. Let me share the Mango Morkulambu recipe / Mambazha More Kulambu with step by step pictures and Video. Refer this link for detailed recipe -

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