Ragi Koozh With Rice | Keppai Kool Recipe | Finger Millet Porridge | Aadi Special Koozh

Ragi Koozh with rice is prepared during the Tamil month “Aadi” in Tamil Nadu. Keppai Kool is offered to goddess and later served to people who visit the temple. Not only in temple, ragi koozh is also served along the streets. Ragi Koozh / Finger millet porridge is especially prepared with rice for offering and it’s also prepared only with ragi for breakfast. Kelviragu porridge is served only during breakfast and lunch time, and strictly not during the evenings and night as it takes time to digest. Detailed recipe - https://madraasi.com/2018/08/04/ragi-koozh-keppai-millet-porridge-aadi/

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