Paan Churi

During my last visit to Rajkot , I got chance to taste a different mouth freshner which was yummy & totally new for me. It's called Paan Churi which is specially made for Thakorji ( Bal Krishna). It is made from various mukhwas ingredients, ground into powder & filled into betel leaf & rolled into small paans & served to Thakorji.
100 gms. Betel nuts( unroasted)
50 gms. Fennel seeds
10 gms. Cinnamon
10 gms. Cloves
20 gms. Cardamom
50 gms. Powdered Sugar ( preferably khadi sakar)
1 tsp. Paan churi masala (available @ Mukhwas shop)
1 tsp. Paan Churi Masala( available @ Gokul-Mathura)
1. Grind all ingredients into fine powder. If needed sieve it.
2. Mix powdered sugar & both masala in it. Mix properly.
3. Store it in air tight jar.
4. Consume it with paan or without paan as you wish , after meals.
5. It helps in digestion.
1. Adjust sugar quantity as per your taste.
2. We can skip masala which is available @ Gokul-Mathura.

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