#nationalundhiyuday & 7 Unique Varieties Of Undhiyu To Try Before Winter Ends - Itspotluck !! :)

As we begin our NY2016 with our first #itsIndianFoodDay celebration, we would like to invite you all to join us for the celebration. Now you might think what is #itsIndianFoodDay celebration? If you have been following our posts, you may notice our FafdaDay post where we first introduced celebrating Indian Food initiative. We got awesome response to our celebration and continuing with the same we begin NY2016 with #NationalFafdaDay celebration.

As we all know that Chinese Food is very famous around the world and you might as well be making and enjoying Chinese food yourself. Over the years Chinese food has become very popular globally and it seems that now Mexian and Italian food is taking over 😃 Well when is it turn for Indian Food? So with the Indian Food Celebration here at itsPotluck, we aim to spread the delicious Indian delicacies from all over India not only to the world but to all parts of India itself. Indian food is so diverse that we in India too needs to learn about those regional fares ourselves too. So how can you join the celebration. Join the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/149816428713391/  and Check below details :) 

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Food Bloggers: 
If you are a food blogger write an Undhiyu Recipe on your blog and use the tag #NationalUndhiyuDay to your recipe post 
>>  Make a traditional recipe, Innovate a newer version of Undhiyu doesn’t matter just post the recipe on your blog with the tag #NationalUndhiyuDay.
>> Add your recipe to our event here https://www.facebook.com/events/149816428713391/ on 14th Jan which is the day we are celebrating #NationalUndhiyuDay .
Yes its that simple. And guess what we will pick a random WINNER of a surprise gift whoever follows this and posts the recipe 😃

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For non bloggers post your recipe on itsPotluck. Its very easy and you can do in 2 simple steps. 1 - Register at itsPotluck  and then Click Submit Recipe in My account. And now we also have our mobile app where you can Submit Recipes. Download the app here smarter.it/itspotluckapp . We will give away a random prize to users who post their recipes on our site.  Follow the below steps to participate:
- Add Recipe to your profile and use the tag #NationalUndhiyuDay
 - Post your recipe to our event here https://www.facebook.com/events/149816428713391/  on 14th Jan which is the day we are celebrating #NationalUndhiyuDay . 

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And for our Foodies who enjoy eating Undhiyu, we got you covered too. Heres what you gotta do.
- Take a picture of the Undhiyu you are eating
- Share with us in 2 easy steps: 1 - Register on itsPotluck  2 - Submit Pic’ed 
- Add hashtag #NationalUndhiyuDay to your pic'ed
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Order Dish:
Exclusively for our fans in Ahmedabad we are taking pre orders of Undhiyu specially from Home Cooks in Ahmedabad. So hurry and book your order Today. Download the app to Order here smarturl.it/itsPotluck 

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If you are in Ahmedabad and want to start selling your healthy home cooked Undhiyu, Please contact us now !!!

Now that we got you all covered with our celebration details, lets learn more about Undhiyu :)

Undhiyu is a one pot vegetable casserole dish that is the hallmark of gujarati vegetarian cuisine 

Undhiyu is a very famous Gujarati dish that gets the prime importance in all family functions and gatherings.

Undhiyu is a mixed vegetable dish that is a regional specialty of Gujarat.


 The name of this dish comes from the Gujarati words "matlu" meaning earthen pot and "undhu" meaning upside down since they have been traditionally cooked upside down underground in earthen pots fired from above. An 'inverted pot' speciality vegetable with some curry ! 

The dish is a seasonal one, comprising the vegetables that are available on the South Gujarat coastline during the winter season, 

The mixture is slow cooked for a long time, with some vegetable oil and a very small amount of water sufficient to steam the root vegetables.

Undhiyu with puri and shrikhand  is often eaten in Gujarati houses during winter season.

1. Undhiyu – A Medley Of Winter Vegetables Spiced With A Fresh Coriander, Garlic And Ginger – A Special From Gujarat By: Aahaaram

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The quintessential medley of veggies, cooked the traditional way !

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Undhiyu-A-Medley-of-Winter-Vegetables-Spiced-with-a-Fresh-Coriander-Garlic-and-Ginger-A-Special-from-Gujarat/29083

2. Achari Undhiyu | Mix Vegetables In Pickle Spices By: Linsy Patel
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The Undhiyu which is cooked in achaari flavours.....for people who wanna try a different variant of a traditional dish !

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Achari-Undhiyu-Mix-Vegetables-in-Pickle-spices/13499

3. Undhiyu Pulav By: Linsy Patel
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We eat an undhiyu with rice sometimes..., but well a pulav made with undhiyu is a must-try ! 

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Undhiyu-Pulav/21464

4. ”undhiyu Pie” – East Meets West By: Shipra Nirola

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A non-desi avatar ! An undhiyu inside a pie crust.....talk about mother of innovations and food explorations !

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Undhiyu-Pie-East-meets-West/15687

5. Green Undhiyu By: Deepa Rupani 
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The undhiyu cooked in leafy vegetable paste with the flavours intact, rendering a very happy green tint ! 

Recipe Link :  http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/green-undhiyu/30144

6.  Surti Undhiyu Video Recipe With Low Fat Options By Bhavna
By: Bhavna   

Low fat options in any dish always attracts us...and this one here, is a video tutorial so won't go wrong anywhere !

Recipe link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Surti-Undhiyu-Video-Recipe-with-Low-fat-options-by-Bhavna/11073

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST...... ANY recipe-compilation is incomplete without recipes from Food-Guru THE Vikas Khanna. Vikas Khanna needs no introduction at all.....Michelin starred Indian chef, restaurateur, cookbook writer, and just a superb human being. He has brilliantly diversified the quintessential Undhiyu by adding his kick of nutrition and healthier option to a traditionally made Gujju dish. Check the video here:

itsPotluck Trivia :

Did you know ???
There is a restaurant in Aapnu Amdavad that attempted to serve a Non-vegetarian version of this traditionjal delicacy! They replaced few veggies with pieces of Chicken and cooked it in the same clay pot-method ! Brilliant , isn't it ??

We would love to hear more such tales of Undhiyu-innovations from our foodies too !! 

How about bringing on the Gujjuness hidden in you and celebrating the Undhiyu Day !!
Post undhiyu pic'ed and recipes, videos and just anything about undhiyu with a hashtag #itsUndhiyuday and be eligible for our Undhiyu day contest !! :D :D :D 

Aye Halo Undhiyu khava jaiyye !! :P

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