Masala Kharekh

Kharekh/ dry dates are as we all know full of iron. Adding some spices like pomegranate seeds powder,cumin seeds powder make it helpful in digestion as well as gave coolness to body also. 
150gms. Dry dates( kharekh)
30gms. Pomegranate seeds powder( anardana powder)
20gms. Dry mango powder
30gms. Roasted cumin seeds powder
15gms. Black salt.
100gms. Powdered sugar( buru khand)
2 tsp black pepper powder
1 pinch asafoetida
3 Lemons.
1. Wash dry dates & soak it in water adding juice of 2 lemons. Keep it overnight.
2. Next day give a vertical cut in dry dates, not cut full, remove seeds from it.
3. Now mix all ingredients & add little lemon juice in it. Now stuff this mixture in cut dry dates.
4. Chill & serve
1. If you don't wish to stuff, make slices of soaked dry dates, allow it to partly dry & mix with prepared masala mix. Skip adding lemon juice in masala.
2. Can adjust ingredients as per your taste.
3. You can stuff pan mukhwas instead of masala mix to make Paan Kharekh.

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