Summer is in full swing.
Summer means Mango.
Summer means Deserts.
Summer means Season of Spices.
Summer means Season of Pickles.
Women are busy in making yearly spices & pickles.
Here is simple Kerda pickle.
Simply wash, clean & soak in water containing salt & turmeric powder.
1kg. Kerda
250 gm salt(approximately)
1tbsp turmeric powder.
1. Wash & clean Kerda.
2. Now in a glass bottle add about half cup of salt & add kerda & fill with water till all Kerda submerge.
3. Next day remove that water & again repeat same process. Then again next day remove that water too.
4. Now again one cup salt, one tbsp turmeric powder, water & Kerda in glass bottle & keep it for 3-4 days till it becomes properly salted.
5. Now it is ready for consumption. You can store it in refrigerator or also can dry & add mustard powder, asafoetida, turmeric powder, little oil & mix well.

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