Idly Recipe Using Idly Rava / Idly Batter Recipe Using Idli Rava

Idly Rava was very different to me, as I have seen most of them making idly with Idli rava. It was the very first time, sometime ago 11 years, I came to know about Idly rava when I was there in Hyderabad through one of my friend. One day when we were chatting over a tea, she told me that she prepares different batter for Idly and Dosa, at the moment I heard I was shocked and later she told that they prepare idly using idli rava and dosa as the same as we prepare, whereas we prepare a same batter for both Idly and Dosa using Idly rice and urad dal / whole white lentils. Refer this link for recipe with step by step pictures -

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