Herbal Twist

Summer has started showing its colour. Temperature is rising & all crave for some cool,icy drinks which quench our thirst.
Here is a healthy & tangy cooler. I am sure that this summer you will love to have it. Moringa powder &  Amla powder make this cooler more healthier. As I used powdered & dried ingredients, it's easy to make as well as easy to carry when we go for outing too.
1 tbsp Amla powder
1/2 tbsp dried mint leaves powder
1/2 tbsp Moringa powder
1 tsp cardamom powder
1/4 tsp saffron strends
4 tbsp sugar syrup
1 lemon
1. Mix all dry ingredients, add 4 glasses of water.
2. Add sugar syrup & squeeze lemon.
3. Now blend it.
4. Chill & serve.
1. Adjust quantity of sugar syrup & lemon as per your taste.
2. Can use fresh mint leaves & amla.
3. To make more healthier & cool , can add fennel seeds & black raisins also.

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