Fellowfoodie Interview Series : Rupal Patel Blogging Gives Good Mood To Every Food ! :)

Presenting to our foodies, we have our next in the series of interview with our fellow foodies is Rupal Patel of http://goodfoodgoodmoodbyrupal.blogspot.in/ 

Let us read and know more about her, and check out some of her awesome fusion recipes :

1. Our readers would love to know you more. Can you give an introduction to yourself? What makes Rupal Patel ?

Hey, I'm Rupal Patel from Texas,USA. Mom of two teenage kids and a business owner by profession. Cooking is my full time job since the kids are growing up....because they are super foodies :) My son is 16 and he born was born in USA but he is totally interested when anything comes up about food. He knows the exact taste of anything since his childhood. He is my food critic and my true inspiration.  I'm a fresh food blogger. My blog is mostly about fusion recipes and other recipes too but, there are many more articles about unexpected stuff too.

Thanks to itsPotluck, they gave me a solid platform to reach out to the huge food world.

2. Since we know you are a bigtime foodie, we would be eager to know where exactly did this journey begin? What drove you to enter the kitchen and make something ?

My cooking journey begin since I came to U.S.A. after my marriage. As I come from a super ‐duper foodie family, I had very hard time to find delicious food in U.S.A. , and craving for all yummy indian street food or home food or restaurant food everyday at that time. And so decided to try all the recipes of my Mom. I started calling Mom for her recipes and started to collect lots of cooking books or even recipe’s paper cuts. And then when my husband appreciated and praised about my dishes, I took it like encouragement. This is how my journey began.

3. What was the first dish you prepared and when ?

I cooked BhakriShaak just, right after my wedding. And guess what..? It was totally disaster :(

:) But eventually I learned a lot from my mistakes!

4. What drove the inspiration behind the blogger that you are? People, Place, Reference ? anything ?

My friends and family always ask for my recipes all the time. My childhood friend who lives in Canada these days is also a décor blogger and she always encourages me to start writing food/recipe blog, because she tries my all the recipes. And finally, one day after her so many tries I finally convinced myself to start blogging journey in last April.

5. Tell us something about food from your birthplace.

I am basically from Vadodara, Gujarat. Barodians are always known for ‘food” and “garba” all around in the world these days.:) There are plenty of eateries in and around Vadodara and getting good food is not a problem in the city.

Mahakali Sev Usal, Raju’s Khaman, National Plaza’s sandwich, BhaiJi’s Sev‐Puri, Havmor’s Ice‐Cream, Raju’s Omlet, Swad’s Pani‐puri, Vishal’s Samosa sandwich, City South Corner’s Dosa and so so many more specialties for different kind of food in all around the city. Honestly these all are my all time favorite food. I never missed the opportunity to visit these places when I go to Vadodara. And now even my kids know what to eat and at which place when they go to Vadodara.

6. How different does your meal look now from your childhood? Or is it still the same? How, in your opinion, has your palate changed over the years?

My favorite question.. My meals are totally different these days from what I had in my childhood. I had literally zero interest in my meals when I was kid. Nothing was my favorite food those days. I ate typical Gujarati foods a lot in my childhood but everything is changed these days, like Khaman to Khaman Pizza , Undhiyu to Tandoori Undhiyu , Shrikhand to Shrikhand Tart , PavBhaji to Chinese PavBhaji and etc... But anything....with Indian Twist is my all time favorite...

7. What is your idea of a good and complete meal?

According to me, Indian traditional food is the best and completely health beneficial food. We add lots of grains, vegetable, letins and spices in our daily food and those make our food good and complete meal. Roti, Sabji Daal, Rice with Salad and Raita is the complete meal for me.:) With some Wheat cracked Lapsi as dessert…..

Stuffed Chikki

Image title

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Stuffed-Chikki/33249

8. How do you plan your blog posts? (Details on research and getting ingredients, preparing recipe and gathering props etc.)

When it comes to planning about my blog posts, the main thing I line up is all festivals and national food days. Otherwise whatever I cook for family and if it sounds and taste interesting then I would love to share with my lovely blog family!

9. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start blogging?

Always blog about something which you are really passionate about for e.g.If you want to start a food blog you have to be really passionate about food. Read a lot about your interest, learn to click good pictures, make the content attracting for readers. And most important be True, Genuine and Original. Getting inspired is good but do not duplicate other bloggers.

10. Apart from blogging what are your hobbies?

Apart from cooking/blogging the most favorite thing I like to do is Shopping. I also love to travel in different countries and know their culture. I read a lot too.(Most about recipes..;)

11. Whom do you consider your mentors when it comes to food photography and innovative food recipes?

I always follow Chef. Sanjeev Kapoor and Chef. Vikas Khanna for innovative food recipes.

I usally follow Nitin Rai’s food photography the most.

Pavbhaji Pizza

Image title

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/pavbhaji-pizza/28473

12. Is there any one person who inspires you to take this culinary path?

My both Kids Shree and Pari are the inspiration throughout all my culinary path.

13. How do you take pictures of your recipe? (smartphone/DSLR/digital camera) ?

I use DSLR camera and smartphone both for my recipe pictures.

14. Can you provide some tips on photography that novice users using their smartphone device to take food photos can apply?

There was a time when blog without pictures was acceptable...But now, in a time of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more, you need to be taking pictures for your any kind of Blog. There are some basic tips for fresh bloggers for great photography:

1 Take pictures under natural lights.

2 Try taking pictures from multiple angels.

3 Focus on what is the most important in your picture.

4 Use Nikon DSLR or Canon DSLR for all your pictures.

5 Use editing after every photo shoot.

6 Make the background eye catching.

15. Have you got any photography tips for digital camera users or plain cellphone users that you can share?

All the basic principles of light, style, perspective, quantity, quality and timing.

● Natural light.

● understand the Perspective

● work more on styling

● Click on exact time

● Always spend time on editing

16. Food presentation and detailing is very important for food photography. Can you share some secrets regarding food presentation? What importance do you give to that ?

Food photography is the first and the most important to catch your reader, so give your 100% on photography. Photos invites readers. The most important factor is Presentation of food in all.

Some secrets are:

*Create framework

*Keep it simple

*Balance the dish

*Get the right portion size of food

*Highlight the key ingredients

Tiramisu Mousse(eggless)

Image title

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Tiramisu-Mousse-Eggless/30187

17.What are your future plans for your blog or based on your passion for food and technology?

Food and drink technology are growing day by day and my plan for my blog is just give my 100% to my blogger family :)

18. Whom do you consider mentors in food blogging, food photography, kindly provide reference website, names or blogs if using any.

For Food blogging:



For food photography:  Nitin Rai

19. Among Indian food bloggers who do you consider mentors?

I consider Chef. Sanjeev Kapoor as mentor and follow his blog regularly.

20. How do you manage to cook Indian dishes for your family when the nearest Indian grocery store is miles away?

Right now, I am living in a medium/small town is Texas, and it is difficult to find Indian grocery store around my area. My nearest Indian grocery store is about 70 miles away from my house. This is the main reason for having 2 refrigerators in my house. Habitually I stack up my Indian groceries in big amount. So far I can manage well with living far from Indian Store :)

21.Talking of your own cooking, what are some dishes that you love to prepare.

I just love to make Fusion dishes, Chaat and Street foods. I'm basically vegetarian and that's why I also love to cook any authentic Gujarati dishes too. My all time favorites are Pakoda, PavBhaji, Chaat and so many more...

Stuffed Schezwan Vada Pav (schezwan Dinner-roll)

Image title

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Stuffed-Schezwan-Vada-Pav-Schezwan-Dinner-Roll/29687

22. Mention any accolades and achievements from you blogging / photography journey.

Featured on best 100 Food Blogger On G+


Featured on best 100 Healthy& Tasty Breakfast Recipes On G+


Featured on


Traditional Vs Tandoori Undhiyu

Image title

Recipe Link : http://www.itspotluck.com/recipe/Traditional-vs-Tandoori-Undhiyu/33018

Rapid fire round:

Favorite food not cooked by you : All Kinds of Chaat

Favorite dish cooked by you :  Taco Ragdo

Favorite ingredient : Turmeric

Dish you can’t live without: Samosa 

3 things always found in your fridge : Onions, Garlic and green chilies 

Favorite kitchen tool : Pots and Pans 

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