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Homemade cough drops are free of chemical preservatives, added colors or any added flavors. These are made of natural ingredients in a sugar based syrup. These ingredients are usually available in most hme kitchens. Chew on these drops for soothing relief from cough and dry throat.
A. For the syrup
Ginger juice (3-4 tbsp)
Honey (1 tbsp)
Sugar (1 cup)
Water (1/2 cup)
Cinnamon Stick small/ Cinnamon powder (1 tsp)
Licorice stick/powder/Yashtimadhu/Mulathi (1 tbsp) (optional but highly recommended)
Cloves/ Loung(6)/clove powder (1/5 tsp) (optional)
Black peppercorns (5)/ Black pepper powder/kaali mirch powder (1/5 tsp)(optional)
Turmeric Powder/haldi (1/6 tsp) (optional)
Star Anise/chakra phool (1) (optional)
Lemon juice/Nimbu ka rus (1 tbsp) (optional)

B. For coating:
Powdered sugar (1tsp)
Dry Ginger Powder/sounth (1 tsp) optional
Cinnamon Powder/daalchini powder (1 tsp) optional

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