Vadyancho Ross / Ash Gourd Chips Curry

Vadyancho ross is a simple gravy made without onions and garlic. Vadyo or vadi is kind of chips prepared out of Kuvalo(Ash gourd). The ash gourd is grated first, then the spices are added along with urad daal paste. Little scoops of this mixture is taken on a plate keeping enough distance between each scoop and sun dried for 3-4 days. I know, its a long process but really worth , as these can be stored for months and used in curries , or can be fried and served as sides along with main course. These can be stored and used in different recipes whenever required. One such recipe is Vadyancho ross. In this, first these vodyo or chips are fried , added to the coconut gravy and simmered well to get this flavorful curry.

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