Sweet Boondhi / സ്വീറ്റ് ബൂന്ദി

Wishing you all a very very Happy Diwali.....IngredientsGram flour/Kadala Podi: 1 CupSugar: 1 CupWater: 1/2 Cup + 1/2 CupCardamom Powder: 1/4 Tea SpoonSalt: 1 PinchOil/Ghee: For Deep FryingPermitted food color :  Yellow, Red ,Green 1 Pinch (Optional)Chopped Almonds: FewRaisins: FewCooking Time: 30 minutesMethodAdd sugar and 1/2 cup water to a panLet it  boil until it becomes one thread consistencyOnce the consistency is achieved remove from fire. (Refer notes about one thread cons...

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