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Wheat flour dough is widely used in Indian cuisine to make roti, and a variety of parathas. Traditionally, wheat flour dough is made by kneading the flour using hands. This method of making dough using a food processor is for all those who are reluctant to put-in their hands into the flour or those who are short on time and are looking for a quicker and easier method or those who cannot knead using hands due to medical or age related reasons.

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To knead flour easily using hands with this trick
Soft और लचीला आटा गूँधने की अनोखी trick/ कई किलो आटा गूँधे मिनटों में

Note:1. Just like any other frozen food, thawed dough should not be re-freezed. While storing the dough in the freezer, either freeze one-time use portions as per your requirement OR store the thawed dough in the refrigerator for future use.
2. When using the defrost setting of the microwave, note that every food gets defrosted from the outside to inside. ( Opposite of what happens in heating any food). So, defrost in increments of say, 20 seconds. Keep removing the portion of the dough that has defrosted. Then defrost the remaining frozen dough for another 20 seconds and so on. If the defrosted dough seems extra soft than required ( this will happen only if you are not careful while defrosting), then add some dry flour and knead lightly right there in a bowl before rolling it out. If you defreeze the dough in increments, you will generally not need to add any extra dry flour.

3. While storing a larger quantity of dough in the refrigerator, say, for one day use or more than that, preferrably wrap it in cling film and then put it in an air-tight container. Take the container size proportionate to the size of the cling film wrapped dough. This leaves minimum air-space in the container. Oxidation,because of exposure to air is what causes the dough to dis-color.
4. While storing dough in the freezer, suck out air from the freezer bag using a straw. Lesser the exposure to air, lesser the oxidation.

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