Banana Cake / ബനാന കേക്ക്.

A perfect tea time snack...IngredientsAll Purpose Flour / Maida: 1 CupEggs: 2Baking Powder: 1 Tea SpoonPowdered Sugar : 3/4 CupVanilla Essence: 1 Tea SpoonMelted Butter: 1/2 CupMilk: 2 Table SpoonPhilippines Banana: 1 BigSugar: 1 Table SpoonButter Paper / Wax Paper / Baking PaperBaking Time: 25 to 30 MinutesMethodPreheat the oven at 160CSieve all purpose flour and baking powder and keep asideSlice half of the banana in round discs and keep aside.  Mash the other half well.Beat melted butter...

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