3 Leaf Chutney Pacchadi Recipe | Andhra Cuisine | Gongura Palakura Soakura

Today's recipe is chutney/pacchadi recipe from my scrap book. And this recipe is from mom which i loved it and sharing this today....This pacchadi/Chutney is a combo of 3 greens Spinach(Palakura/palak), Dil leaves(Soakura/Saava) and Sour Leaves(Gongura/Ambaada) and a great source iron,vitamins,folic acid and anti oxidants.In Andhra Pradesh and telangana, Gongura(sour leaves) is used in making Gongura Pappu(Dal), Gongura Pacchidi(chutney), Gongura Mamusam(lamb curry), Gongura Chicken , Pulih...

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