Recipe Posts by Padmaja

    1. I ate my first Dhokla in Delhi. Loved the taste and texture. Regional recipes have their authentic unique taste when prepared in a regional setting. B... read more

    2. I recall from my childhood days that most of the bakeries in our city used to bake fresh bread in afternoon. We used to pick some up on our way to hom... read more

    3. I saw this episode on TV where they showcased awesome street food of Indore. One thing that caught my attention was “Kopra patties”. Stree... read more

    4. Dosa – one of the most ubiquitous dishes in the world. There are so many different tastes,ingredients, and accompaniments. What looks deceivin... read more

    5. A dosa with simplest ingredients and super fast to make. Since curd is used, it is soft, light and has a tangy flavor. This is yet another dish based ... read more

    6. I made this yummy dessert for my daughter’s birthday. She loves this particular kind of chocolate cupcake. A decorated cupcake take far less eff... read more

    7. A traditional Sankranti dish – bajra roti. Sesame seeds are a very common ingredient in the flour. I recall, when we were kids, Mom used to make... read more

    8. Sometime ago, in a food magazine, I read that a food vendor invented Pav bhaji using leftover veggies as a meal for Mumbai’s textile mill worker... read more

    9. Very popular Gujaratisnack. First time I ateat a friend’s place and loved it. I tried acouple of variations like different flour proportio... read more

    10. Bake and enjoy this seasonal vegetable as a healthy snack. Long time ago, I had eaten sweet potato cooked in pressure cooker. When I came to US, I saw... read more