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    1. Resolutions, resolutions  - I went through a phase when I thought new year resolutions are so uncool and overrated. It seemed like the usual tre... read more

    2. It has been a while.. nah, a long while since I could manage to blog anything. Busy-ness crept into our lives slowly, but mind you, we did not let it ... read more

    3. Pulusu is a tangy-juicy assortment prepared in traditional Andhra households with tamarind and/or tomato as the supplemental essential ingredients. I ... read more

    4. Sad, Morbid and Inhuman act took scores of innocent lives away..Words are not enough to descirbe the pain and grief befalling the victims of Tuesday's... read more

    5. Getting ready for the show - Ingredients brought down from the shelves Marinated chicken waiting to be fried Yummy Yummy chilli chicken waiting to be... read more

    6. Anyone else out there, yearning for 48 hours a day? Time is magically running (at the speed of light!) and I am unable to get around to write the reci... read more

    7. Just wanted to inform beloved readers and fellow bloggers about a couple of things:Thanks to Pavani, I have finally managed to add Categories to my we... read more

    8. We had a special visitor today, in our part of England. It has been several weeks or rather months since we have seen him so closely and with no inter... read more

    9. A few months ago, a friend M invited us for dinner. She had made Gobi parathas, Coriander Rice and Curd Vermicelli. Ummm.. Appetising..! Everything wa... read more

    10. I have not posted on my food blog in ages, life has continued to be surprisingly hectic with all it can possibly offer- moving into our own sweet home... read more