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    1. Had dinner at a wonderful Burmese restaurant (Rangoon Ruby) in Palo Alto. Its a very crowded place. After a little bit of wait we got in and ordered t... read more

    2. Growing up in Karnataka, a southern state of India, vangibath is one of my favorite dishes. This is what most of the people from this area would say t... read more

    3. It’s Friday, don’t want to go out for dinner, but want to eat – something different – that doesn’t need a lot of time an... read more

    4. Dinners like this are so fun to serve and make. I had a box of tofu in the refrigerator which needed to be used up. I asked my lil one what to make fo... read more

    5. These are the original bakery style chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate is the most favorite ingredient for my kids. Last week was so gloomy here in the... read more

    6. Dal dhokli is a one pot meal very popular in Gujarat (a state in the western part of India) which is served with spoonful of ghee drizzled over it. Ta... read more

    7. It was Super Bowl weekend between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles (Philadelphia Eagles 41, New England Patriots 33). American Football is... read more

    8. Mint (aka pudina) is a very flavorful herb. I am trying to do some veggie gardening this spring. I got a small veggie patch done in my backyard. All t... read more

    9. Swiss roll cakes are fancy looking cakes. This cake has wonderful texture, very less fat and less flour, the whipped cream in between makes it looks s... read more

    10. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust Some of the dishes are an accidental disc... read more