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    1. This beautiful creation has an equally enchanting story behind it. A girl fell in love with a Prince and she made this cake to charm the Prince. This ... read more

    2. Valentine’s frenzy is over in all the blogs by now. Everyone is probably thinking about Easter already but I am enjoying the warmish weather tha... read more

    3. When you look at the list of ingredients, you are going to think this sounds like a Thai Fried Rice then why didn’t she say so. Well, look at it... read more

    4. On Makar Sankrant, one of the favorite festivals of Maharashtrians, traditionally a sweet is made out of Sesame seeds and Jaggery. Since almost everyo... read more

    5. Brussels Sprouts is one of the prime Winter vegetables. Full of slightly bitter flavor that can be combined with sweetness of almost any fruit. Brusse... read more

    6. Happy New Year, fellow foodies. Let’s start this year with one of my favorite dishes. If you haven’t’ tried it, I urge to give it a ... read more

    7. I was going to post this recipe before Christmas so my friends can make this ahead of time and relax on Christmas morning while everyone is opening pr... read more

    8. Midwest is completely frozen. The village I live in has small lakes and ponds just about every corner of the road and they are all frozen. The ground ... read more

    9. Autumn and Spring always create a battle of sorts in my mind. I am never sure which one to pick as my favorite. Spring represents a new beginning but ... read more

    10. I have always been posting recipes on the blog that are somewhat different than what my friends usually make at home. Thinking that my readers are jus... read more