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Itspotluck is a platform for Indian Food Content, Commerce and Conversation.

Like Cricket, Indian food is something that connects Indians all across the world. itsPotluck brings this love for Indian food together  not only for Indians but for Indian food lovers. The name “itsPotluck” also symbolizes the nature of sharing and enjoying food with one another.

itsPotluck started as curation of recipes from Indian foodiesand renowned Indian food bloggers sharing similar values. And now we are a publishing platform for homecooks to launch their food blog and create their recipe collection. This allows homecooks to focus on documenting their recipes and sharing with friends and family.Are you a foodie? Submit your Recipes or Share what you are eating now !!!!

Our next expansion in terms of service is a mobile app where home cooks – both bloggers and non-bloggers have an ability to create a storefront and turn their passion into a business. The platform provides a great opportunity to get noticed and promote their business and increase sales.

And so our journey into first ever mobile app for Indian food discovery, delivery and deliciousness begins with our new mobile app. With our mobile app a user can:

  • Discover Homecooks in nearby area
  • Get Homecooked food delivered or Pickup
  • Onboard Homecooks to setup online foodstore
  • Get notification regarding new dishes in your area
  • Submit  or View your Recipe / Pic’ed (Food Photos)

Founder Profile - Kinjal Popat

"A child gives birth to a Mother" byVithal Venkatesh Kamatis the exact thing that happened to me after having 2 kids. I have 2 girls, one 8 and other 6years old. Our family is unique in all terms. My husband Vinod and me belong to distinct cultures and we are like yin and yang, the complementary opposites that makes a great relationship. My family is my greatest inspiration.

India is a country with diverse cultures and varied cuisine. I am from Gujarat, a western state of India where liquor is banned and most of the people are vegetarians while Vinod hails from Gods own country, Kerala which is part of southern India. South Indian cuisine is very different but not very unfamiliar to the exploratory Gujju until you find out the enormous vegetarian dishes that you never knew let alone non-veg. In a quest to impress my better half, I began my internet journey to search for recipes to try and please him. Let me tell you that Vinod is particular about how his food is made and the balance of flavors in his dishes. While searching for recipes I always lost track of the food blogger/site that I referred to in the past and always had to begin search again to recreate a recipe. This problem that I faced wanted me to have a place where all my favorite bloggers/chefs to be in one place and so itsPotluck was born.

Having worked with some of the largest companies of the world from Top Retailer to Renowned Design Institute to Non Profit for more than 15 years as User Experience and Product Strategy Lead makes me a tech savvy mom who loves startups.

Email Kinjal at comments@itspotluck.com

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